Laser Hair Removal Stratford

Laser Hair Removal at Janelle’s Spa in Stratford

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*NEW*  Upgraded to a brand new state of the art Laser machine the LightSheer, the best in Stratford!

At Janelle’s Spa & Boutique we provide the best solution for your unwanted hair with our state of the art LightSheer Laser Hair Removal machine! We like to make sure you are fully educated about our service and would like to invite you for a FREE consultation. This will be when we determine the price and how many session it will take for you to achieve your goal. Prices and number of sessions vary since every individual is unique. Traditionally it takes about 4 session for the Body and 6 for the face.

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser is attracted to melanin in the hair (melanin is where the color comes from), the hair absorbs the laser & destroys the hair follicle which would make the hair come back finer and lighter or the hair won’t grow back at all.


Why do we need numerous sessions?

To understand you must know the 3 different stages of hair growth;

  • Anagen, This is when the hair has the most color and is fully connected to the root.
  • Catagen, This is when it is slowly detaching from the root losing some of its color
  • Telogen, This is when it is fully disconnected from the root just waiting to be shed off or pushed through by another Anagen hair.

Anagen is the stage of hair growth we want it to be at, it is the most colorful and only 20% of your body hair is in this phase.

This is why we have to do numerous sessions with instructed intervals so we can get the hair during the Anagen phase for the best results.



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